Oceanic Container Lines, Inc. (OCLI) was incorporated in July 22,1998 and it’s a reflection of a vast treasury of shipping expertise engraved by years and years of field experience thus permeating a badge of excellence identifying its management.

With almost fourteen (14) years experience in liner business, OCLI brought to existence a healthy organization ready, potent and anxious to make a mark in the shipping industry. Its present and progressive position is secured upon these two contrasting and yet complementary elements, the organization’s infancy in years and yet its maturity to provide clients with all cargo shipping requirements making it threat to all other competitors and a sure leader in the field of containerized cargo shipping.

Firmly entrenched upon the vision of excellence, Oceanic offers unequalled integrated services not found in the other containerized shipping organizations.At present it has eighteen(18) reliable and fully containerized vessels, M/V Ocean Hope, M/V Ocean Faith, M/V Ocean Prosperity, M/V Ocean Nobility, M/V Ocean Blessing, M/V Ocean Serenity, M/V Ocean Victory, M/V Ocean Mighty, M/V Ocean Challenger, M/V Ocean Excellence, M/V Ocean Abundance, M/V Ocean Greatness, M/V Ocean Wisdom, M/V Opportunity, M/V Ocean Dependable, M/V Ocean Queenland, M/V Ocean Reliable, and M/V Ocean Kingdom journeying Manila, Davao, General Santos, Zamboanga, Cagayan De Oro, Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumaguete and Cebu, primed by fully capacitated and highly integrated subsidiaries, Discovery Haulers, Inc., and Lorship Trucking Corporation